Natwest Island Games XII
rhodes2007 Island Games 2007 Rhodes Island 30 June -6th Of July
15 different Games simultaneously
25 different Islands
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Natwest Island Games XII
rhodes2007 Island Games 2007 Rhodes Island 30 June -6th Of July
15 different Games simultaneously
25 different Islands
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Walking in Rhodes

Even in Roman Times there was active tourism on these age-old islands, pampered by the sun and brimming with culture. Refined Roman families sent their sons to the rhetoric school of Poseidonios on the "Rose Island". Today Rhodes, with over a million visitors, is the most touristic island in the aegean apart from Crete.

After visiting the picturesque medieval old town, a world culture heritage site, the connoisseur of nature and landscape quickly moves on to the middle of the island.

Tourism hasn't established itself everywhere yet. You can wander throughpristine woods and mountains and discover chapels with important frescoes here and there. Yet there is no need to give up beaches.

Due to its great supplier of water, the island is green and fruitful.A relief map of the island shows a mountainous spine parallel to the coast in the western part. It is dominated by the 1215 meter high Ataviros, the highest mountain in the dodecanese. To the east and south of it, wooded hillsides spread out. Far to the south the landscpae becomes flat and less spectacular. Here scrub dominates the vegetation.

The best time for walking in Rhodes is from March through the end of june, and from october till end of November, when the countryside is green.

The Walks have been taken out from the book "Rhodes ,Karpathos, kos & Souther Dodecanese" from the book series "walking the Greek Islands"(Graf Editions).

Rhodes is considerable a large island with beautiful landscapes nad walking routes.  In Rhodes there is no need for you to purchase walking programs from Travel Agencies, just rent a car for less than 20 euros per day and then follow the maps and walking routes are shown here.

Maps of Rhodes

Because of military security considerations there are no accurate walking maps obtainable. Good road maps of a scale of 1:100.000 can be purchased from ReiseKnowHow, tc Travel maps, freytag & berndt, Road Editions.

Beginning in 2005 there will be a new map from Anavasi, with data for walkers.

*No responsibility can be taken for accidents along the walking routes suggested or for possible civil law demands by landowners.

Walking in Rhodes
A walk from the village of Arhipoli to the village of Arhangelos
Acropoplis and Ancient Stadium
Agios Sylas Walking Route
An Alpine Tour to Mount Ataviros
Asklipio Walking Route
Crusader Castles Walking Route
Epta Piges Walking Route
Filerimos, The conqueror's hill
Fountoukli walking Route
Kallithea Springs Walking Route
Kritinia Walking Route
Like a Butterfly
Lindos Walking Route
Mandraki and Shopping
Medieval Highlights
Moni Thari Walking Route
Monolithos Walking Route
Mountain Meadows beneath the Akramitis
Panagia Paramythia Walking Route
Profitis Elias Walking Route
Rodini Park Walking Route
The Grand Medieval Walk
The Old Quarter
Tsambika Walking route
Wind Surfing
Beach Volley
Pro Athletes Training
Water Ski
Bungee Jumping
5x5 football

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