Natwest Island Games XII
rhodes2007 Island Games 2007 Rhodes Island 30 June -6th Of July
15 different Games simultaneously
25 different Islands
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Natwest Island Games XII
rhodes2007 Island Games 2007 Rhodes Island 30 June -6th Of July
15 different Games simultaneously
25 different Islands
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Archaeological Museum Rhodes

The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is housed in the mediaeval building of the Hospital of the Knights. Its construction was completed in 1489 by the celebrated d'Aubusson. It is a twostorey building, with an internal courtyard, all four sides of which are lined with porticoes. In the courtyard you will notice the Hellenistic statue of a lion, as well as the heaps of stone catapult projectiles - a "souvenir" of the dozens of sieges the city has experi enced. Along the porticoes you will see numerous inscriptions, funerary steles and circular altars. The museum galleries are on the first floor.

The small rooms overlooking the inner courtyard house grave finds from ancient Ialysos and Kamiros, dating from the geometrical, archaic and classicalperiods: vases, figurines, jewellery and metal objects. On the facade side of the building, in the large single "patients ward", you can see funerary plaques from the period when the island was administered by the Knights (14th, 15th and 16th centuries) as well as heraldic crests. The most interesting galleries are those containing the collection of sculpture from the archaic, classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods. The exhibits are perhaps on the scanty side when one thinks of the great artistic tradition of Rhodes, but are somewhat representative. Particularly noteworthy are two headless archaic kouroi from Kamiros (550-530 BC), the funerary Stele of Krito and Timarista (420-410 BC), and the funerary stele of Kalliarista (350 BC). Finally, the marble head of Helios (250-160 BC), a superb example of 'Hellenistic baroque', and the statue of the nude, squatting Aphrodite from 100 BC, give us a taste of the Hellenistic art which flourished on the island. From the statue gallery we move on into a second, smaller courtyard, especially picturesque, where works of statuary and funerary monuments are also displayed.

The Museum, open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 0830 to 1500, contains various collections collections of archaeological artifacts from the isle of Rhodes.

Sightseeing Rhodes
Agia Triada Old Town Rhodes
Temple of Athina Poliada and Zeus Polieos
Mandraki Harbor
Laografiko Museum of Empona
Laografiko Museum of Kritinia
Archaeological museum Rhodes
Temple of Athina
Temple of Apollon
Profitis Ilias
Ancient Stadium
Muslim Library
Museum of bee
Seven Springs
Zeus Temple Attavyros
Park of Rodini Rhodes
Grand Magister Palace
Necropolis Rhodes
Castle of Monolithos
Castle Of Kritinia
Ancient Kameiros
Grave of kleoboulos
Kallithea Spa Faliraki
Acropolis of Rhodes
Filerimos Ialysos
Art Gallery Rhodes
Achokrateio Lindos
Aquarium of Rhodes
Ancient Theatre of Rhodes
Ancient Sugarmill Haraki
Feraklos Castle Haraki
Acropolis of Lindos
Old Town

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