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Municipality of Rhodes is the biggest municipality in Dodecanese. It is the capital of the prefecture and has a population of 60,000 inhabitants. In Rhodes where the two deers are now situated was situated one of the 7 Miracles of the ancient world "The Collosus".The old town was built from the knights of Saint John in 1309 and it is one of the most well maintained old towns in the world.

Rhodes town or Rodos as the locals pronounce it is one of the biggest islands in Greece. It is mainly a touristic island. There are thousands of shops around the island. There are Hyper lux hotels and a wide choice of reorts. Resorts for peace, resorts for nightlife. Rhodes city is extending it's borders annually to every direction. The demand for rooms year by year is bigger and as such new hotels are being built.

Rhodes is mainly otrhodox christianic island. There are catholic churches around the island and one musk in Rhodes city.

Geographical Position

Rhodes is situated 36 degrees and 26 seconds south and 28 degrees and 13 minutes east of the equator. It belongs to the municipality of Dodecanese and it is also the capital the prefecture.


Mayor of the muncipality as of the results of the second october 2006 is Hatzis Hatzieythimiou. Mr. Hatzis Hatzieythimiou is taking the Place of Mr. G. Giannopolos who served the interests of Rhodes for 12 years in the best possible way. Rhodes thanks the X-Mayor and welcomes the new one.

Rhodes Town

 Rhodes Town can keep you busy and entartained for days. It is the duality of the place that makes it so compelling: the Fascinating contrast of the Old Town with the empatically modern New Town.

The Defensive walls that the Knights of Saint John built on amonumental scale ensured the old Town's survival as a distinctive enclave compared with the changing world outside.

As soo as you enter the Old Town through any of the handsome gates that puncuate its walls, you feel the difference.Within lie museums and Galleries, and a huge variety of Cafes.(Click Here to see the best places to Eat and Drink).The harbours were the key to the success of ancient Rhodes, and today they are a link between the old and the new. At Amdraki, with its old windmills and lines of expensive motor cruisers, yachts and colourful local ferries, you enter modern Rhodes, a world of frantic traffic along the harbourside Eleftheria's Street. However the pedestrianised quayside also means that you can relax and watch the world sail by, while just acrosss the way is the bustling New Market and behind it the busy heart of New Town. (Best places to Shop)

The main church of Rhodes city is Evaggelismos which is situated in the Eytherias square near the port. All the parades for national holidays are taking place there. The church is the most luxury church in Rhodes and there is where the most luxurius weddings take place.

What can you Find:

   1. ATM
   2. Banks
   3. Post Office
   4. Port
   5. Restaurants
   6. Bars
   7. All kind of Shops
   8. Clubs
   9. Theaters
  10. Cinemas
  11. Daily festivals
  12. Embassy of your country
  13. The Prefectural offices
  14. Police station
  15. Tourist police station
  16. Ministries
  17. Hotels
  18. Internet cafes


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