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Municipality of Petaloudes is situated on the North West of the Island and is constituted from the villages of Kremasti, Paradeisi, Maritsa, Theologos, Pastida and Damatria. The municipality has a population of 11.858 habitanys and covers 893 sq.Km of land. Finally it has 12 Km of coast. It's borders are with Munipalities of Ialysos, Kallithea and Kameiros.

In Petaloudes there are 35 Hotels with 2896 beds. The average size of the Hotels is 83 beds each. 37% of the hotels are high class. Most of the hotels are situated on the coast of Theologos. The main reason for the development of Theologos village is the coast. The other beaches of Kremasti and Paradeisi have the disadvantage that are close to the airport and the noise is a ig problem.


Municipality of Petaloudes has 8 schools. 1 Lycium, 1 highschool and 5 elementary schools.

  Public Transportation

Public transportation on this side of the island is being done with RO.DA buses. The frequency of buses specially for Paradeisi where the airport Diagoras is situated is very high.

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