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Lindos Rhodes


Municipality of Lindos hopw could somebody chracterize the architecture of this place? Faboulous, Amazing, Picturesque, Perfect any other comment would be inaccurate and unt6rue. It is one of the most beautiful municipalities of Rhodes island. Lindos is one of the most famous resorts in Europe. The numbers of the tourists in summer is a sign of this. the number of hotels in the area, the restaurants and the bars is huge. There are chinese restataurants, indiands, traditional greek,Italian. Peyoikoi wich is a tourist settlement that belongs to the pople of Lindos is one of the most organized and rapidly developed resorts on the island.

Municipality of Lindos is situated pproximately 50 Km away of Rhodes city. It covers and area of 179 sq. Km and is consituted from the villages of Lindos, LArdos, Laerma, Kalathos, and Pylona. It's borders are with municipality of archaggelos, South Rhodes, Kameiors and Attavyros.

The municipality has very long coastline. The beaches like the rest of east Rhodes are appropriate for swimming with clear waters and clean beahes. A vast amount of forst land was burnt in 1980.

The village of Lindos which gave it's name to the municipality is situated on the remains of the old City of Lindos. On the boders of Lindos somebody can meet some of the most important arcaeological sights of the island and one of the most remarkable tradiotional settlements.

Lindos as a whole has a population of 4.000 and develops rapidly since it constitutes the first choice for settlment from the foreigners. The area of the municipality meets a rapid touristic development. The summer season starts in May and finishes in October. A few years ago was starting in March ending in october. High season is July August and september.


Lindos has 4 schools. All of them are elemntary schools situated in each of the villages constituting Lindos. After elementary school kids go to Gennadi or Massari to follow highschool and Lycium.

Public transportation

Public transportation to the municipality and from the municipality specially lindos and Kalathos are frequent. Lindos is usually the last stop for buses some of them continue for the rest of the island after Lindos.

Festivals and Celebrations

Municipality of Lindos organizes some festivals such as the one of Saint Paul's in 28-29th of June.

Lardos Orginizes the festival of Saint George.

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