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Municipality of Kameiros is situated between the municipalities of Ialysos and Attavyros. It conctitutes the villages of Soroni, Apollona, Platania, Salakos, Fanes. The population of the municipality is 5.145 according to the demographics in 2001. Capital of the municipality is Soroni where the electrical factory is situated. The area of Kameiros is 212 square Km and that makes it the third largest municipality of the island. The habitants of the municipality mainly work as farmers and in tourism industry. The goods that they produce is potatoes, melons and water melos and herbage.

Municipality of Kameiros is one of the 3 most ancient municipalities of the island. During the summer the number of tourists that visit anceint Kameiros is vast. The hours that somebody can go is during the day from 8.00-15.00. The findings are more important than any other archaeological site of Rhodes.

The villages of Kameiros are traditional and not so much touristically developed, This is because the beaches are not as good as the east part of Rhodes island.


Kameiros has 2 Highschools 1 lycium and 6 elemntary schools.

  Public Transportation

Municipality of Kameiros is connected with the rest of the island with RO.DA buses.

  What will you find there:

   1. Bank
   2. Post Office
   3. ATM
   4. Bars
   5. Restaurants
   6. Kafeneia
   7. Libraries


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