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Kallithea, Rhodes

Municipality of kallithea is situated between Rhodes and Municipality of Afantoy.It has a population 10,251 habitants according to the demographic research of 2001. Kallithea constitutes one of the richest municipalities of Rhodes and this is of course because of the large hotels that operate in the area and because of Water Park. Unofrtunately because of the inacurate information that were presented the citizens of England from the English media in co-operation with club 18-30 Faliraki was facing a lot of problems the last few years. faliraki is undoubtable the most well organized resort and this is because the hotels operate in the area. One of the benefactor of the area is the owner of Faliraki who also owns most of the hotels in the area Mr Vasilakis.

The bad thing with Greek people is starting a business menas to them that they also know what to do and how to operate. The situation that Faliraki is now was obvious years ago when the travel agencies were taking advantage, the owners mainly of the bars were happy making money without considering the conseuqnces of their acts.

Anyhow it is also tru that after the "bing bang" in the Faliraki tourism the locals change their tactics concetrating now on offering high quality service and trying to keep Faliraki out of trouble. Now faliraki is building a name as a family resort. Travel agencies that try to make family resort they would probably fail and one of them is Olympic travel agency. Where there is youth an alcohol in a resort families cannot exist.

The answer to their problems hasnt' been found yet but it is also a fact that Faliraki is safe 100% and a good place to enjoy a night out in one of the bars and dine out in of the many various restaurants.

Public Transportation

Tranportation for faliraki during summer is perfect. The buses pass from faliraki to every direction every 15 minutes. Trasportation to Koskinoy is also very good.

Trasportation to Psinthos is being done with K.T.E.L and as such there is a problem. Transportaion is not very often. Timetable can be found on the Public transportation section.

There is a taxi rank in Kallithies square and there many taxi ranks in Faliraki 24 hours a day. There is also a small train that carries the customers around the Faliraki.
The municipality has 5 schools, 3elementary schools and 2 highschools.On of the highschools is in Koskinoy and is the music school of Rhodes island. The students use the K.T.E.L buses to follow their final preuniversity stage in order to go to the lyciums in Rhodes.

What are you going to find there:

   1. Post Office
   2. Bank
   3. Courier
   4. O.T.E. branch
   5. D.E.H branch
   6. Police Department
   7. Infirmaries
   8. Pharmacies
   9. Hellenic Organization of Tourism office
  10. ATM machines
  11. Restaurants
  12. Clubs
  13. Bars
  14. Taverns
  15. Fast foods
  16. Extreme sports
  17. Nudist beach
  18. Swimming pools

Celebrations and Festivals

Once upon a time Festival around Rhodes had a unique role. The festivals were done in order men to find women to marry. Many people were coming from foregin countries Greeks to be part of it. They were exchanging animals buiyng products.

The festivals were organized from the whole village. Nowadayas festivals are being done as an exhibition that has an entertaining role and also in order cultural organization of the village or the Local football team to concentrate some money that will help them fulfill their missions or continue with their missions.

Some villages such as Appolakia, Empona Agios Isidoros only them keep their festivals pure as they were in older days.

    * 2nd day of Easter του, Healing monastery of Agia Triada, Psinthos
    * Celebration of Agia Triada , 40 days after Easter, Psinthos
    * 14 June Prohet Ammos ,Faliraki
    * 16 July Agia Marina, Koskinou
    * 19 July (παραμονή εορτής) Prophet Elias, Koskinoy
    * 25 July Agia Paraskeyi, Kallithies
    * 5th of September Taxiarhis, Koskinou
    * 7 September Birth of Holly Mary, Psinthos
    * 13-15 September Rise of Rood,Kallithies


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