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Tsambika Walking route

This cloister, located on a peak 340 m high, is the destination for many pilgrims and the climax of to­day's walk, First you can swim at the most beautiful beach on Rhodes - Tsambika Beach. The walk is not strenuous except for the ascent through the rocky terrain to the cloister. You can get refreshments at the beach as well as near the cloister. The starting point is the second largest city on the island, Archangelos, which can easily be reached by bus.

AWT The street to Stegna leads eastwards from the main street in Archangelos, next to a cemented stream bed. On the other (northern) side of the stream bed there is a taxi

0.00 stand. From there, go along the street towards the sea, on the left of the dry bed. Three minutes later go straight ahead and leave the street, walking directly along the

0.05 stream bed. Then take the road uphill to the left to sev­eral pens. To the right, the mountain of the prophet Elijah arises and, in front of it, the crusader castle's long wall.

0.10 From the pens, walk through a valley in an arc to the right and look for a dirt path off to the left on the next low hill. At the subsequent fork in the little forest, bear to the right and, at a collection of indescribable variety representing a Greek farm pen, continue uphill to the as­phalt street. Go downhill to the right along this street for a short while and then uphill to the left at a small private chapel. Now you can see today's destination on a steep mountain: the cloister of Tsambika. Behind the garden surrounding a large house, turn to the right and walkpossibly through a chicken fence, on the left of the fence straight on downhill towards the sea. From here there is a magnificent panorama view of the cloister on the cliff and the sandy bay located in front of it CD. Further down, walking without a path and keeping to the left through the hollow filled with olive trees and then

0.40 going uphill, you reach the small cloister of Profitis Elias in a garden. It is, however, usually closed, so mean­der downhill along the dirt path next to the cloister wall and then bear left at the fork. Further down, don't take the left turn-off next to the olive garden but continue straight on towards the sea for a short while before you

0.50 turn to the left several metres before some small rocks. Your way continues directly on the right edge of the olive grove - not in the Phrygana. A foot path leads from the lower corner of the grove through a sparse pine forest El to a slope with fine sand El. Swing downhill in an elegant

1.05   slalom to the sandy beach of Tsambika. Take the sand out of your shoes, change your clothes, have a break! As you continue walking along the beach, you can decide whether you want to make the rest of the day easier and just hike to the bus stop. If not, look for the water pipes

1.15 on the left of the shop at the bus stop. They run diago­nally uphill to the left along the ground El. Follow them a few metres, then, before the pens, turn upwards to the right at a right angle. Cairns are awaiting you! A mighty boulder is located to the left of the steep path.

1.25 At the top you come to a flatter stretch and walk to the left across the cliff almost levelly. Then you turn steeply uphill to the right again, with a steep boulder on your left. Climb uphill in wide curves to a spot on the left where you have to cross over a boulder. If you have a great fear of heights,

/ you must keep looking towards the right for five metres -but everyone manages. As a reward, you have a magnifi­cent picnic spot right away. Down below is the beach and its little restaurants, which have staked out their claims.

1.50   After a sparse pine forest, you reach ruins (right) and

1.55 steps leading uphill to the left to the parking lot. You will share the remaining 297 steps with panting car drivers

2.05 until you reach the cloister of Tsambika, the cloister of Our Dearly Beloved Virgin.

The guest is met by a small courtyard. There are some ac­commodations for women who wish to bear children: a night on the mountain is said to have helped even in dif­ficult cases. That's why a lot of photographs of healthy little children can be seen on the left wall of the chapel. Saint Chardmbolos looks very old in comparison. The walk down the steps leads to the restaurant with its wonderful terrace, where you can sit as if you were in a quiet Alpine meadow and look down upon the gigantic hotels in Kolimbia. You can smile hopefully at a car driver here or else walk down along the street for 15 minutes

2.30   and hop onto the bus on the main street.

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