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Crusader Castles Walking Route

During this lovely four-hour walk along the coast­line, you have the opportunity to visit the ruins of two crusader castles. In between, there is magnifi­cent coastal scenery and several sandy beaches. However, the well-marked path demands a bit of physical fitness

AWT  The point of departure is the castle above the village of Archangelos. The defensive bulwark has been restored, but there is nothing remaining from the interior. Beneath the castle, on the side towards the city, walk along  the cement road away from the steps toward the south, with the city on your right hand side. It is like an oasis surrounded by barren countryside. Before the few houses on the ridge, look for a way on the left through the rocks. From the other side of the small ridge El, a rather wide path leads down to the olive trees and into the valley. Behind this grove, go along a dirt road to a wider sandy track and walk along it to the left. Three minutes later, change your direction in a sharp angle to the right and walk through the charming farming countryside towards the sea. At a fork, go to the right and then shortly afterwards to the right again at the cairns onto a narrow footpath. Soon you will see the holiday village of Stegna, which has devel­oped quite a bit in the last few years - you can hear this through the animators' loudspeakers. The path goes downhill in an arc between the rocks above Stegna. Wander to the right along the plateau, to­wards the south E. A dirt path to the right of the fences leads to a rocky path which can be seen from afar and mounts to a ridge.

From there, continue downhill to the left along the wider dirt road to the water and turn right at a fork. Bizarre caves in the boulders on the left are used as a shelter by the goats. After passing between several simple holiday  houses, you arrive at the Bay of Klisouras.

Behind the fenced-in houses, take the track to the west, and you will arrive at a long rectangle cut into the rocks: an ancient quarry, as you can still see by the steps. The stones for Lindos, which is located opposite this area, were probably hewn here.

On the other narrow side of the rectangle, a red dot di­rects you into a beautiful rocky landscape SI. Walk left along the dirt road you come to later until you reach the old olive tree and then find the continuation of the foot  path after 20 m. A little house made of quarry stones stands alone on the plateau. Far below, decorated with flags and crosses, there is a wonderful beach under the cliff, and a steep path before you get to the little house leads down to it. Your path continues on the right of the 1.50   little house. You can avoid a somewhat steep area by go-/      ing above it to the right (red dots). Then the landscape ★      plays another trump. In the summer you can do a slalom run between the rocks and thistles, which are as tall as a man. If you look back, you can see a gigantic rock gate which makes you think of Salvador Dali S. To the right, you can see the chapel to Saint George. The wanderer is 2.05   crammed through a double fence and then continues 2.20   along a dirt path around a stone hill to the sandy bay of Agathi with its lively beach, refreshment establishments and chapel (have you found it?). The bay is surrounded by ruins of castles and other structures. You must briefly share the dirt track with cars and motor bikes until you come to the sign to the castle.

The castle of Feraklos, once built on top of an ancient acropolis, was torn away from Byzantium by the Order of Saint John in 1306 and was their first and most powerful citadel on Rhodes.

It wasn't until after a long Turkish siege that it was cap­tured in 1523, after the fall of the city of Rhodes. Little remains except for the embattlements. The ascent is steep, and, if the ruins of one castle a day are enough for you, you can easily find your way through the meadows and on past an archaeological area (left) to 2.35   Charaki. Here you can see what can be made out of a "ro­mantic little fishing village on a protected bay".



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