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Ialysos, Rhodes

Ialysos is the second larger municipality in population after the municipality of Rhodes. Ialsyos has 10.111 inhabitants according to the last demographic reserach that was done in 2001. iaslysos is situated 8 km souther from the City of Rhodes.

Till the end of 1980 it was a small tow with population of 2,500 people. Ialsyos is one of the most inmportant resorst in Rhodes after the erection of big hotels in the area of Ixia. Ixia the last few years seems the place where the travel agencies prefer to take their guests. That is probably due to the position of Ixia which is near the airport and near Rhodes town and that means less expenses for the travel agencies.

Ialysos beach due to the weather condition of the area is also used as a place for wind surfing.In 2005 i it was organized the world championship of windsurfing.

Ialysos is the smallest municipality in terms of land. Ialysos is somehow like Faliraki Peykous Haraki et.c. There is the place where all the locals stay which is Ialysos town and there is Ixia where it's only business for tourists. Filerimow which is one of the two sights of Ialysos is the other area of Ialysos which is undeveloped and it remains pure and a wonderful sight.


Ialysos have 5 schools 1 lycium 1 highschool and 3 elementary schools.

Public Transportation

Municipality of Ialsysos is connected with the rest of the island with RO.DA. But anybody who wants to go to the south part of the island needs to take the bus to Rhodes town and then change a bus to go to his final destination.

There are a lot of taxis though that will offer you their service any time of the day with extra cost of course.

Celebrations and Festivals

Easter Friday - Celebration of Zoodohos Pigi on the monastery of Filerimos. Hundreds of Faithful people are presenting there to follow the Prayer.

19th of July - evening prayer and festival for Prophet Elias

25 July - Evening Prayer

6th August - Evening church and festival to celebrate the day of The Saviour.

13 August - during the night there is a missa cantata goeing on symbolizing the assumption.

15th August- Missa cantata and the revolution of the Icon of Holly Mary till the beach of Ialysos

27th August - Saint Fanouris

29th August  –Saint John the Precursor-after the church there is a festival

7th October – Saint Sergio

24 October – Saint Sebastian

1st novemebr – Saint Anargyroi

7 Novemeber Νοεμβρίου – Missa cantata in the Church of Taxirxes in the onold graveyard

21 November – Virgin Mary's Day

25 November – Saint Aikaterini – to the monastery of Blue Bay, after the prayer time there is a greek traditional festibal that is taking palce,

4 December – Saint Barbara

6 December –Saint Nikolas the Rich, Saint Nikolas the poor

Public Service of Water Supply of Ialysos

Water ensuring the sufficiency for the needs we have nowadays is one of the most serious subjects concerning a number of areas not only Hellas but the whole planet for many years now. The insufficiency of water and the insufficiency of hygiene are escorted with the absence of hastily meters that will resolve these problems. The main target of the public company that provides water in Hellas is the assurance of supplying Ialysos with water and that is stabilized by investing continually in order Ialysos to have excellent sypplies of water.

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