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Attavyros, Rhodes

Municipality of Afantoy it is constituted from Afantoy and Archipoli. Municipality of Attavyros the place where Empona belongs the village of wine , fresh delicious meat and a load of centuries of tradition. The factory of Emery makes the best Ouzo and locals make sure to always have fresh meat ready for the visitors. Empona and Attavyros are places taken out of a history book they seem like a living dream. The place where ancient Gods used to have their syposium and after they were gone they left the recipe to the locals to continue the tradition.

Municipaliy of attavyros contains the villages of Empona, Kritinia, Agios Isidoros, Monolithos, Sianna and Mandriko. The municipality of Empona is a united part of Rhodes Country since 2nd century b.c. when Rhodes was consisted from Lindos Kameiros and Ialysos.Most of the villages they existed since the medieval age when Knights had Rhodes under their occupation, that outcome is due to the fact that there are many epigrapghs that mention Magistre Orsini 1474. The only village that did not exist back then was Empona which was built later in time from the inhabitants of Kitala in 1474.

The people of the specific geographical situation have adapted their natural surroundings.They are working as farmers, shoe makers, produce honey, textile factory, ironmakers and candle makers.


Municipality of Attavyros has 7 schools.

1 junior highschool in Empona and 6 elementary schools, 1 in each village.

Public Transportation

The transportation in this part of the island is being done with RO. DA buses. Not very frequent. Although now a new rhodes is being constructed that will connect the villages with haraki,lindos,Archaggelos,Malona e.t.c.

Exhibitions and celebrations

The local culture consitutes in the development of critique historical way of thinking. The local cultural organizations try through their actions to keep their tradition, ethos nad morals unapproached and untouched from the pass of time.

Easter Morals

During holly week housewives make bread rools. Great Sunday they bring the Icon of Virgin Mary in one of the houses of the Village, Great Thrusday everybody goes to the church and they start a big fire to symbolize the burn of Judas. The fire stays till easter Sunday.Great Friday all the kids go around the monasteries and they light the candles. Great saturday the youth brings wood to keep the fire on. In the fire everybody throughs a bracelet that they made in the first of march symbolizing the welcome of Spring.
Great saturday after the Church in the night time when the Priest of the village church announces that Christ was ressurected everybody goes home and eats magiritsa a local traditional food. On Easter Sunday everybody eats "Lampriati" lamb made with rice in the oven.

1st of March

That day everybody goes out picking up flowers to make a wreath to welcome the son of Spring. A group of people walk through the allyes signing songs for spring.

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