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South Rhodes

Municipality of South Rhodes

The coastline of the municipality is 152 Km from which 46 Km is sandy.Part of the land that covers are biotopes and bogs and forests. The valley of Kattavia, Plymmiri and Prassonisi are sites listed in NATURA 2000. There are rare kinds of flora and fauna.


Municipality of South Rhodes has an advantage over the rest of Rhodes and that is the traditional villages that constitute South Rhodes. They are still traditional because tourism hasn't reached them and as such people hven't built on the land hotels or shops or anything like it and that maintains them naturally beautiful and traditional. Some of the festivals organized from the locals such as the festival of water melons in Apollakia attract a vast amount of visitors. South Rhodes is the last undeveloped municipality of Rhodes except Kiotari of the east side of the Island. Slowly though the construction of new hotels in the area will help South Rhodes to develop.

There are many Rhodians that recently show a preference to build their country houses in the municipality of South Rhodes. That is of course due to the low cost of land in contrast with the rest of the other resorts and municipalities of East Rhodes.


Municipality of South Rhodes has 7 schools n total. 1 Lycium, i highschool and 5 elemntary schools in each of the participating villages.

Public Transportation

The public transportation to this part of Rhodes is done with K.T.E.L buses . The transportation is not very frequent but is satisfactory. The visitor can get to Lindos by Taxi at any time and then every half an hour there is a bus going to Rhodes city pssing through almost all the villages and resorts on the way.

Services Offered:

  • 1. ΑΤΜ
  • 2.Post Office
  • 3.Hairdressers
  • 4.Infirmary for first aid
  • 5. Mini Markets
  • 6.Restaurants
  • 7.Bars
  • 8.Cafes
  • 9.Beach Bar
  • 10. Water Sports
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