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Charaki Village Rhodes

Haraki is one of the most famous resorts in Haraki for the people that know it. Famous for its peace and location. Haraki is situated in front of a small bay beautiful beach and clear waters. Not very developed as other areas such as Faliraki but developed enough to offer to it's visitors anything hey wish to have brilliant holidays. During summer many famous Greek people come for holidays to enjoy relaxation and peace far away from their jobs and stress. They bay in Haraki as you will notice from the pictures is very picturesque. It has to be noted that due to a fe bars in Haraki that has been a long time in Haraki their unorginized service and bad manners and also because of the un coordinate help of the goverment Haraki is not promoted to any place of the world and it remains to be a place for few. Although the new hotel that is being built in Agathi the moment gives hope to the locals that the situation will change and fillay their hard work of all these years will give them what they deserve.

It is a fact that returning tourists in Haraki a part of them is so sensible they love Haraki so much that they make tries to improve it in their own way. There is an English group of People called Haraki Rebels that try to support and try in Haraki for improvement. Due to the increased demand of properties in Haraki the prices for purchasing an apartment is very high. Although some people they do take advantage of the situation and they overweight their properties. ALthough cause thinks for the customer could give you a tip:" Buy houses in areas such as Malona or Massari where the Prices are still low and they only distant from Haraki 2-4 Km".

In Haraki you will find rooms to let, restaurants, bars, cafes , mini markets swimming pool bar with jacuzzis.

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