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Afantou, Rhodes

Municipality of Afantoy it is constituted from Afantoy and Archipoli. In the borders of Afantoy we can find Municipality of Kallithea on the north and on the south municipality of archaggelos.On the west side is municpality of Kameiros and on the east side is sea. Municipality of Afantoy has 46 The beaches are sandy and some have pebbles.

Municipality of Afantoy years ago used to be in majority rural but the late years that tourism was developed municipality of Afantoy most widespread occupation is tourism. Afantoy main advantage was the clos distance to Rhodes town. It is a fact that's such an advantage was a great support to the development of Afantoy economically and in tourism business. The main part that belongs to Afantou and it is well organized in the section of tourism is Colymbia. Colymbia belonged to the municipality of Archaggelos although after the Kapodistrias project Colymbia were adherent to Afantoy. Archipoli which is the other village of the municipality remained rural as it was always.

As the rest of the island Afantoy's population at 70% have as main occupation tourism the rest 30 % have as main occupation farming. Archipoli is the main place that inhabitants have as main occupation farming. Afantou has 3 beaches and a lot of undeveloped land with great prospects.

Public Transportation

Transportation between Afantou and the rest of the Island is being done with K.T.E.L. Timetable can be found in the Public transportation section. There also taxi ranks around the municipality, Afantoy town and Colymbia resort.


Municipality of Afantoy has 6 schools, 3 elementary schools 2 Highschools and 1 Lycium. It also has the School of touristic professions which is situated next to the golf Course of Afantoy.

Exhibitions and celebrations

Saint Loykas in November


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