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Archaggelos took it's name from Archagel Michael that is considered to be the protector of the Municipality. Many small setllements existed in the suburbs of the city anf near the beach from the hellenitic period. After the 7th century they were abandoned because of the frequent attacks from the pirates. The settlers moved to other settlements that were safer. A part of them moved to the place where Archaggelos is situated now. Ο

After the fall of Konstantinoupoli (today known as Instabul=In sti mpoli = to the city) in 1453 the Knights that had sized the island of Rhodes since 1309 they built an Acropolis on the mountain of Archaggelos to protect themselves from the Turkish attacks. As the rest of the castles in Rhodes The castle of Archaggelos was destroyed from the turkish attacks later that century.

It is said from arcaeologists and historians that the famous Temple of Agia Sofia in Konstantinoupoli was built from stone taken from Archaggelos castle.

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