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Municipality of Archaggelos after the application of Kappodistrias Porject, it is constituted of Massari and Malona . Mayor for the last 5 years is Alekos Papouras.

Tel of municipality:0030 22440 29140

Mayor's Tel: 0030 22440 29141
The municipality has population of 7,758 it is situated almost 30 Km away from city of Rhodes and 30 Km away from airport "Diagoras". The economy of the municipality as the rest of island is based on tourism, production of olive oil and farming.
Touristically the municipality it is not such developed as the rest municipalities of Rhodes. Archaggelos is very famous for the carnival in February. The celebration lasts 3 days non-stop and people do what they use to call "mouzoma" they paint each other's face with black fume. This long lasted habbit it attracts a lot of locals and if it happens for you to be in Rhodes in February you shouldn't miss it.
The resorst of Archaggelos is Haraki and Stegna. Haraki belongs to malona and Stegna belong to Archaggelos. MJore information about these places you can find in the section Tour of Rhodes.


Shops and entertaiment

In Archaggelos there is a variety of choice for stores and entertaiment. there are a lot of bars. There are shops to buy electronic devices, electrical, flowers, super markets, internet cafes. The periods that usually Archaggelos is full of night life is summer, Christmas and Easter. The prices of the drinks are between 4-5 euros. A dinner will cost you about 15-20 euros including starter, main course and desert.

  Cultural exhibitions
the municipality of archaggelos in cooperation with the cultural organition "Aithonas" organize every summer a a cultural 7 day exhibition event. Very interesting and attracts a lot of people. Young dancers dancing local traditional dances and they also offer traditional food for you to taste. Live bands and singers offer an amazing parade.
Services of Archaggelos

   1. Post Office
   2. National Bank of Greece
   3. Agrotiki Bank
   4. Bank of Dodecanese
   5. Αlpha Bank
   6. Courier
   7. O.T.E Branch
   8. D.E.H Branch
   9. Police Department
  10. I.K.A
  11. O.A.E.D
  12. Infirmary


Municipality of archaggelos has 8 Schools. 5 elementary schools, 1 junior highscool. 1 TEE, 1 lycium, 1nightime highschool and 1 nightime lycium.

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