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Rhodes guide
Tips & Faqs

Rhodes Island

Rhodes as any other island in Greece is very hospitable, you will meet the Greek Culture and socialize with greeks to find more about the island and it's history. Travel around the north villages and enjoy traditional Greek meals.


Weather in Rhodes

The weather in Rhodes is usually sunny with temperatures form 16c-37c depending the time of the year. The most rainy months are January and February. The hottest time of the year is July August with temperatures rising up to 37 celcius. May, October and november the temparatures are high during the day and during the night might be between 15-22c.

Sightseeing In Rhodes

There are a lot of places to visit in rhodes where you can find on the sightseeing part. Although the best possible way if you like driving is to rent a car.  Buy your excursions from the local places usually it will save you a lot of money.


Tipping in Rhodes

It is not obligatory to tip in Rhodes, but you will definetely receive a better service for tipping the bar tenders or waiters. Your tip might vary from a euro up to 10 euros depending the cost of the product or service you purchased.

Map of Tips & Faqs
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