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Villages & Municipalities of Rhodes

Municipalities of Rhodes island

As Rhodes is one of the biggest islands in Greece you will need this super guide to find the information you need regarding Rhodes Island.

Rhodes has 10 municpalities which are Archaggelos, Afantou, Rhodes, Ialysos, Petaloudes, Lindos, South Rhodes, Kameiros, Attavyros and  Kallithea.

Every Municipality has 4-5 villages. Villages were merged together in 2001 under the Kappodistrias plan implemented from the greek goberment in order to give to the municipalities more power economic wise.

Every Village in rhodes has it's idiosygracy it's unique and offers a different experience to the visitor. To visit all rhodes you will need at least 3 days. Check the right menu to find details about schools, festivals, sights beaches and a lot more information about every municipality in Rhodes Island.

Map of Villages & Municipalities of Rhodes
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